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Welcome to Uptown Aerial Arts

The only aerial fitness classes on the Charleston peninsula,

located in the city's hip Uptown district.

Taken from the disciplines of circus arts, aerial fitness is an exciting form of exercise that is both physical and creatively stimulating. Gain self-confidence, strength and flexibility through a powerful workout in the air!


Join us in this inclusive and encouraging atmosphere where you will safely learn the incredible art of aerial fitness. We will teach you how to achieve the muscular control, strength and power you will need to dance in the air.

Our Class

Uptown Aerial is for every body type and fitness level. Absolute beginners are welcome.

At Uptown Aerial, we focus mainly on vertical apparatuses, such as rope and fabric, to get you in the best shape of your life. With this type of fitness workout, you will enjoy a dynamic, fun, artful and intense way to move your body.


It is important to know that one must start at the beginning of their journey and move forward. Those who are regularly active may find it easier, though if you have not used your body in this way before, we'd argue the challenge is one of the best parts of the learning process!


We take safety extremely seriously, classes start from the ground, moving higher up the rope as you get more comfortable. There are tons of skills and fun tricks to come! 

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At Uptown Aerial Arts, our goal is for every student to leave their first session with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of aerial.  Our instructors work with each student's individual abilities to harbor progress at their own pace.  With this, we require first-time students to take a private one-on-one evaluation class before continuing on to any group classes. This first session is $50 and is an hour long. 

Contact us directly to schedule a class.

*Please note we do not offer classes for children under 18 years of age.


Per person per group class for continuing weekly members

Students must sign up for four-week sessions and can do either one or two classes per week.


Per person for a semi-private class for three


Per person for a semi-private class of two students


Per private session


Per person for parties and celebrations

Bachelorette, birthdays—or any group party. 
Enjoy complimentary Mimosas or Bellinis after class as you unwind from all the fun.

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Swinging from Ropes

About Pamella

Pamella began her journey with aerial in 2009. She has continued to train with some of the country’s best aerialists.

Pamella Inveen was the owner and coach of Gig Harbor Aerial Fitness and Gig Harbor Yoga Fusion in the Seattle area for ten years before moving back to Charleston, where she was born and raised.

As a certified personal trainer since 1997, Pamella has a deep understanding of teaching and what it takes to support students. 

Pamella's gift to connect with students plays an essential role in her coaching style. By understanding the diverse backgrounds and goals of each individual,  she is able to elevate classes to another level. 
Eye contact, body language, empathy, and humor are among some of the traits that make Pamella an effective coach.


Her long term goal as a teacher and mentor is to help her learners progress to the point where they no longer need her (in fact, one of her students took over her studio as the coach when she left Washington in 2018).

Pamella is so excited to share this incredible workout and art form with you on the Charleston peninsula! You can be sure to receive the safest highest quality training at Upton Aerial.

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My experience with Pam spanned about a year before she moved. In that year, she laid a solid foundation for my aerial training, I learned some serious discipline and some awesome moves! She helped me learn how to expand my boundaries and discover my personal style as an Aerialist. She listened, watched, and found ways to explain things to me in a way that made sense even when I was upside down and all tied up! It was very easy to form a personal relationship with her as she is one of the kindest and most understanding people you will have the pleasure of meeting. Not a single class goes by where I don’t think of a piece of advice she’s given me!

Chloe Dullum

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Come Hang With Us

To book a class or ask a question, you can call, text, or email us. We can't wait to hear from you!

Pale Horse Crossfit

62 Brigade St C6, Charleston, SC 29403, United States

Text or call: (253) 380-4425

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